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Serving House District 40B

Roseville Precincts 1-7 & 11and Shoreview Precincts 1-4

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About Your Candidate

Paul Wikstrom came to Minnesota to attend the University of Minnesota after growing up in Montana and North Dakota.  As a child he was blessed with parents who instilled strong values in him.  While in high school tragic circumstances led to the separation of his family.  As he developed into adulthood, he learned the importance of being resolute, while looking forward and upward!  He understands the importance of helping others and has lived his life that way: he is here for his family, neighbors, and the community. 

Paul has lived in the Roseville/Shoreview area for 28 years where he and his wife Liz have raised three children. He has built a successful engineering and management career in the aerospace and medical device industries.  In his career he has been recognized and awarded for successfully building collaborative, high performing teams across cultures and geographies.  He has many years of volunteering in the community as a youth soccer coach, soccer club board member, in support of the community.  He is a trained Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member reflecting his commitment to the community when disaster response is needed.


Paul has a passion for aviation and as a flight instructor enjoys sharing the joy of aviation with others, especially young people!  As a volunteer pilot he has flown many Minnesota Wings of Mercy missions for ambulatory patients in need of a flight for medical care.  

Those who work with Paul know that he loves life, while also being very focused and hard working!  Paul seeks synergistic outcomes, and effectively utilizes active listening skills to ensure that others are heard.

Paul values transparency, integrity, serving others, and being a positive leader.   

Paul is concerned about the state of our Minnesota government that is spending taxpayer dollars in a reckless and irresponsible manner which is forcing Minnesotan's to make difficult choices about basic needs. He is concerned about the higher crime rate in our communities.  He is distressed about the downward trajectory of the academic proficiencies.  

As a member of the legislature he will bring common sense and accountability to the Minnesota state government.  He will work to ensure that our law enforcement is fully funded, and that our peace officers are supported!  On his legislative watch he will work to ensure that our educational system is properly serving the students, families, residents, and taxpayers! 

Paul Wikstrom is here to serve our district!

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